Greeting from AMED

“Our mission is to fast-track medical research and development.”

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AMED is seeking to catalyse the process of medical innovation and overcome the barriers between sectors, connecting talented individuals to accelerate medical research and development. While our progress since our founding in 2015 is encouraging, we understand the challenges we face cannot be overcome without global collaboration.

As such, AMED is seeking scientists from around the world to review the proposals submitted to AMED for funding. International reviewers are particularly valuable as they can place grant proposals against a global backdrop and provide unique insights.

Japan is a country with an enviable track-record in science and technology innovation. Reviewers will gain a front-row seat to the most cutting-edge studies being undertaken by Japanese researchers.

We invite you to explore this website and consider whether you could contribute to the development of medical research in Japan and help change lives for the better.

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